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Communication Channels with the school

 As the school believes in being able to listen to your feedback and being able to assist you in what ever that could make your child’s school life as successful as possible, we created the following channels of communication


  • Interactive website: (A log in username and password will be given to each student the first school week)
  •  Facebook Page: NOOR International Schools (not an official way of communication)
  •  Open office hours for the principal, the social worker, and the Heads of Departments for the parents to call directly.
  •  The Link Book: your daily contact with your child's teachers.


  • For meetings with the principal or any of the staff, please call the front desk for an appointment.
  • For buses services, please call 01100903424.
  • The school's front desk will happily receive your visits from 8:00 am till 2:30 pm daily except Fridays.                                                                               Thanks for your cooperation